Free zones in the Dominican Republic are the third place in the world that medical equipment

Santo Domingo. – The free zones of the Dominican Republic are in third place in the world as the largest producers of medical equipment, said this Wednesday the president of the Dominican Association of Free Zones (Adozona), Federico Domínguez Aristy.

Many of the products that these companies are making are now among the most demanded to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Here is the interview offered by Domínguez Aristy about it.

Why is it so important that medical device free zones continue to operate in times of COVID 19?

The Dominican Republic is the third largest producer of medical equipment in the world with more than 30 Free Zone companies located in different parts of the country; and many of the products they manufacture are essential, not only to combat COVID-19, but many other diseases that are still present, ranging from the common flu to advanced stage cancer.

But isn’t it protecting the health of employees in those free zones?

These free zone collaborators who continue to operate are heroes, as are the doctors, the police or the supermarket and pharmacy staff who continue to work.


But it is important to point out that the companies in operation reduced their employment by around 50%, all people with risky conditions were sent home, social distancing has been implemented, they have been equipped and complied with all protocols of health. To avoid the risk of contagion of COVID 19, all companies have mitigated the risk by applying the recommendations of the health authorities, in addition to the standard security protocols that they must comply with.

What is produced in these companies that is so important that they remain open?

The best example of the importance of these companies is that daily in these free zones more than 20 thousand masks are being produced. But the bags and downpipes for the serums that are used throughout the world are also produced, as well as the clothing and medical uniforms that are required. Also, equipment that helps to drain the fluids in the lungs, equipment for needles, equipment for blood transfusion, surgical sheets, equipment for electromagnetic measurements in the body. In short, there are dozens of essential products to preserve the lives of thousands and thousands of patients in the Dominican Republic and the world.

How will companies be providing assistance to prevent cases from occurring and to attend to cases that occur?

The Adozona Medical Devices Cluster has been active daily working with the companies that continue to operate in this sector to implement the prevention measures recommended by the Ministry of Health. In addition, this protocol has been distributed to all collaborators and is being reinforced with specialist medical personnel who are giving guidance to collaborators on how to handle themselves in their jobs, but more importantly, how to mitigate the risk when transporting or when they arrive. to their homes.

What are they going to do with non-medical equipment companies and what impact will this pause have on the free zone sector?

The impact will be huge, but right now in Adozona what we are focused on is the health and well-being of the more than 170 thousand employees in the sector and the population in general. For this reason, we instruct all non-medical device companies to suspend their operations for the duration of the state of emergency, which is why we have seen that only 6 to 8% of the total employees of free zones are operating, who are committed to the health of all.

Source: DiarioLibre

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