Category A

Best score GROSS: Michel Tueni y Eduardo
First place net: Samuel Marra y Giancarlo Molinari
Second place net: Elisaben Matos y Andrés Marranzini

Category B

Primero lugar bruto: Eligio Cerda y Pedro
Primer lugar neto: Albert Ventura y Damián Báez
Segundo lugar neto: Eduardo y Antonio Guerra

Category C

Primero lugar bruto: Carlos Flaquer y Guy Stroker con 77
Primer lugar neto: José y Víctor Mella
Segundo lugar neto: Paolo Tolari e Ismar Torres

The event also had a large participation of ladies who competed for a unique female category that had as champions Mary Ledesma and Cecilia Nord with a gross score of 65 and Franchesca Paez and Monika Harél in the first Net Place with a score of 68.

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