The main benefits that ADOZONA offers to its affiliates are:

SECTOR REPRESENTATION - Representation of the interests of the sector before governmental, legislative, judicial and international organizations.
INVESTMENT PROMOTION - Promotion of investment in the Free Zones sector and search for business opportunities for its members.
BUSINESS CLIMATE - Carrying out activities that allow raising levels of knowledge on issues that directly affect the competitiveness of the sector.
INFORMATION - Updated information on what happens at national and international level that could directly or indirectly affect free zones and international trade, as well as the latest legal provisions that could affect the operations of companies.
BENEFITS OF AGREEMENTS - Enjoy the benefits of the Agreements that ADOZONA has signed or signed with any state or private institution.
TRADE FACILITATION - Intercede with the different governmental institutions and local and international organizations, in order to guarantee an expedited movement of the goods and respect for the acquired rights.
INTERNATIONAL AGENDA - Representation of the sector before the processes of international negotiations in which the country is immersed.
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