Winners 2013

Category A

Best score GROSS: Sócrates Cosme y Elías Herrera
Gross first place: Anthony Canaán y Dany Díaz
Gross first place: José Clase y Jaime Liriano
Second place net: Santiago Morales y José Domínguez

Category B

Gross first place: Héctor Fernández y Rafael Estévez
First place net: Lady Colón y Yhave Morel
Second place net: José Seijas y Samuel Bueno

Category C

Gross first place: Leopoldo Figarella – Alfredo García
First place net: José Manuel Del Castillo y Anselmo González
Second place net: Aldrín Hernández y Rodolfo De los Santos

In feminine, Rosa López and Lissette de Mejía were the net champions and the second place corresponded to the duet formed by Reyna Ureña and Tadina Comprés, throwing 65 and 68 net blows, respectively.