The Dominican Association of Free Zones (ADOZONA) is the business association that represents industrial parks and free zone companies in the Dominican Republic. It is a non-profit non-governmental entity, made up of Special Free Zones Companies, Associations of Free Zones Companies and Operators of Private Industrial Parks, located throughout the national territory.


Represent the country’s free zone companies, promoting their development and their competitive insertion in international markets.


To be the leading private sector organization that positions free zones as the main economic sector of the country and that contributes significantly to placing the Dominican Republic as an ideal destination for the investment and production of goods and services.



Institutional Agreements

Here are some of the main Inter-institutional Agreements signed by ADOZONA:

ADOZONA / DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF CUSTOMS / NATIONAL COUNCIL OF FREE ZONES (CNZFE), signed on August 12, 1994, with the objective of:

a) Unify the tariffs for the transit and verification from the ports and airports of the country to the companies and parks.

b) Create a uniform work schedule for customs offices located in the Free Zone Parks.

c) Designate in each port and airport a Customs Sub-Collector for Free Zones matters.

ADOZONA / TECHNICAL-PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTE (INFOTEP), signed on March 16, 1992 through which the sector has the specialization of a fund of 35% of the total contributions made by companies in the sector to INFOTEP to establish programs and training courses for free zone workers.

ADOZONA / GENERAL PROCEDURE OF THE REPUBLIC / MINISTRY OF WOMEN / MINISTRY OF LABOR, signed on July 30, 2012 with the purpose of designing and executing a strategic plan that contributes to the prevention and eradication of violence against women and harassment , by training from the workplaces of employees of the Free Zones.

ADOZONA / CONAVIHSIDA / MINISTRY OF LABOR / WORKERS SECTOR. Agreement for the subscription and adoption of the HIV and AIDS Policy in the workplace for the Free Zones sector signed on December 20, 2012.

CNZFE-MINERD-ADOZONA Agreement. Collaboration agreement between the National Council of Export Free Zones, the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic and the Dominican Association of Free Zones in order to build Children’s Stays in surrounding areas, adaptation of Polytechnics and student visits to ZF Parks .

ADOZONA / APEC agreement. Collaboration agreement signed on July 24, 2019, which aims, among others, to establish mechanisms of mutual collaboration for the development of academic, graduate, postgraduate programs, as well as any other activity of the work of educational and business institutions.

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